Monday, December 20, 2010

On the 13th day of Hospital stay the Doctor came to Me.....

and said Keagan can go home tomorrow! I was so happy given the previous day I was not happy with what the attending physician had stated what her plan was for Keagan. See, Keagan's CF dr is the CHIEF PULMONOLOGIST so he was never the attending physician. He only popped his head in and out a few times while we were there! The two weeks Keagan was in the hospital he had a bronchoscopy, 4 chest xrays, an upper GI, a pH probe impeadance test, a modified swallow test, and 2 fat tests on his stool. The first week was ok and Keagan finally started clearing up that friday, so i was super excited! But then monday came and he sounded crappy again! so that's why they did the modified swallow test because they thought he may have been aspirating (food going into his lungs when he swallowed) but that test came back fine! Oh by the way so did the upper GI and the PH probe test just showed reflux which we already knew! Since I was in the hospital with an 8 month old by myself, I had a lot of time to think and it dawned on me that the previous sunday the respiratory therpists that did Keagan's CPT did not do it very aggressively so that's why he sounded sooo crappy that monday! Well on tuesday, the attending physician had stated that she wanted to may be switch antibiotics. Ok, WAIT! If you read the other blogs about the hospital stay then you already know he didn't have a bacterial infection. So why the flip did she want to change antibiotics?!?! I was angry! The next morning, I put in a request that I wanted to talk to Keagan's dr! So luckily he was on the floor briefing a family whose child was going to have bronchoscopy that morning so he stopped in for a minute and I told him that I wanted to know HIS plan for Keagan's remaining treatment! Oh yeah because not to mention, Keagan's dr wanted an allergist to come see him while we there because he thinks Keagan may have a milk allergy which never happened due to poor communication between the resident doctors. So later on that day, Keagan's doctor and the attending dr came in and told us we were going home the next day...WOOHOO! So Keagan's treament plan is: 4 puffs with the albuterol inhaler 2x a day, pulmozyme with nebulizer once a day, hypertonic saline with a nebulizer 2x a day, Zenpep enzyme, Soy formula, and CPT 4x a day! That concludes our first hospital stay for Cystic Fibrosis Exacerbation!

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  1. Oh dear, well I am glad you are at home!!1 Oh and did I mention that u are an amazing momma!???!!!!