Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year....

So it's a new year!! 2010 gave me one of the best gifts I could have ever asked for and that gift was Keagan! We had a good 8 months in the year of 2010. We had very little complications with CF. The biggest problem we have had with CF is getting the enzymes right. And as you all know if you read my other blogs, Keagan had his first 2 week hospital stay for a "tune-up". But that 2 week stay was the best thing in helping me deal with Keagan's CF and I came out with the best and positive attitude about Keagan having CF. I am very thankful that Keagan only has CF. He can walk and talk. We may have hospital stays here and there but at least he will be able to go home and not have to live out his life in the hospital. It was a real eye opener to stay at a children's hospital for a couple of weeks. I learned that how I see and perceive CF is how Keagan will grow up and see and perceive his disorder. I also learned how comfortable I am in having a child with a disorder. I never hesitate to tell someone that Keagan has CF and to educate them about CF. I still have my moments where I wish I could just feed Keagan without having to do the enzymes or that I didn't have to wake up and get him up 2-3 hours before we had to go somewhere to do treatments but I made a promise to myself and to Keagan that CF will not get in our way of living a normal life! I have discovered that I have a pet peeve... and that is I cannot stand for people to refer to Keagan as not normal. Keagan is normal but he just may not be as healthy. So I prefer for people to say "healthy kids" instead of "normal kids"when they are comparing Keagan to other kids. Although people may not agree but I take him where ever I go. I am not going to not take him out just because he has CF. I am more cautious right now because it is winter but in the spring and summer he goes everywhere I go! I also discovered how caring and understanding our families are of CF. They will not come around Keagan if they are sick or think they may be getting sick! The last thing I am thankful for is that my mom QUIT smoking for Keagan! My mom has smoked since she was a teenager and just put 'em down cold turkey!! Well anyway...I just want other moms to not look at CF as a burden but to be thankful their child is able to live a normal life with the exception of daily treatments and to not be afraid to speak out and educate others about CF. I also want other moms to remember how we perceive their disorder is how they will so remember to stay positive! On a side note, my husband and I have also to decided to try for another one sometime later on this year. I know some people may not agree with the decision but we want another child CF or NOT!!! If we are meant to have two children with CF then that is what we will is in HIS hands!!

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  1. I always knew you'd be a great mom! I'm glad you learned so much while in the hospital & that you want to be positive for Keagan! So many people never realize just how much their attitude impacts others. Congrats to your mom for quitting smoking - that's awesome! Like I said you're a great mom & the Lord chose you to be Keagan's mother for a reason bc He knew you would be able to handle his illness & would do a great job! Keep your head up bc you're right - it's all in His hands. May the Lord Jesus bless you & be with you always!