Monday, November 22, 2010

The past 7 months in the world of CF

Since we got the news of Keagan having CF, we had to adjust a lot but now it is all second nature to us! Thankfully we have not had any complications/hospitalizations with CF! We do his CPT as our way of putting him to sleep for naps and bedtime. The enzyme is just basically added to his food when he eats (it has to be given in applesauce) but as he gets a little older he will just take it as a pill before he eats or has a snack. As he gets older there will be other things added on a daily basis such as breathing treatments but as to what type it will all depend on his symptoms. He takes a reflux medicine first thing in the morning. As he gets older, he will also convert from the CPT to a vibrating vest that he will wear for a certain amount of time. And yes this will all be life long! He will not outgrow CF as some may think! He has just finally reached the 50th%ile for his growth as he when he was born he was only in the 10-15th%ile. This past weekend we have had the problem of him refusing to take a bottle and vomiting when he eats baby food so not sure what is going on but today (11/22/2010) i am taking him in to be checked out by his pediatrician to make sure he is not dehydrated! But check for updates in the future as this is where I will be posting his CF updates rather than on Facebook!!

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