Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Day at Clinic...

CF Appointment:

Great news: 100% O2 sat level, lungs sounded great, got the vest ordered and we will receive it tomorrow, we are stopping the albuterol before hyper-sal and if no cough arises then in 12 days we will also be stopping pulmozyme but he is satying on hyper-sal, gained 1lb 3oz so he is 22lbs 3oz....i am sooo happy!!

Allergist Appointment:

Great news: NO milk allergy!!!!!!!! but we are doing some stool tests to try and figure out why they are still sooo loose!! and may be going to a GI dr if we have no answers from that! Don't think it is an enzyme issue becuase his poop is not oily and greasy and he is gaining so good so we will see!!

I am one happy momma :)

Lunch with Exec Director:

Went awesome as well! Nice to meet someone from the foundation to put a face with it! I learned today that the foundation was started by some parents who wanted to find a cure for CF (I had no idea who started it) and that they had no idea what the underlying problem was with CF until 1994 when Pulmozyme came out!!

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